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Student Storage: 3 Top Tips for Storing Your Belongings in the UK

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    It’s sort of a universal truth that students’ life can be quite hectic and full of drama, not to mention that you are to balance tricky assignments, your health, social life, and your independence on a day-to-day basis. So, the last thing you need as a student is some additional concerns about moving whenever end term draws near. But the truth is, this is the unavoidable logistical headache that rounds off a stressful period.

    As the summer semester approaches, you will have to think about where your belongings will be for the period that you are out of the dorms and still finding for a new place. In other words, you need to find a good storage facility to store your belongings before figuring out the next step. Luckily, we do know a thing or two about student storage, and we will help you come up with a plan on how to go about it. So, here we go:

    Declutter – you know how as students, we tend to accumulate so much stuff during the study time? You find that you still have wrist bands from your wild moments, film posters hefty academia books, some random ornaments, or even some freebies from your first fresher’s fair. So you find that you have piles of stuff that need to be moved – some which you need, others you don’t. In this case, what you need to do is figure out the items you need to keep and the ones you would like to donate or throw out.

    We may not know your parents, but it most likely that they wouldn’t want their houses to be filled with clutter – and to be honest, neither do you. So, the best thing to do is for you to sort through your stuff, but of course bearing in mind items that you might need during the summer break. Then put the rest in a storage facility near you.

    Packing for storage – when you hear the term ‘packing,’ what springs in the mind are obvious basics – like, distribute your stuff, don’t overload your boxes, or wrap items carefully, and so on – but today we thought of pointing out some things that may not come to your immediately but are quite crucial.

    • When packing fragile items, you can surround them with softer items such as towels, bed linen, or bubble wrap. The idea here is to minimize any impact on the items when moving them or at the facility.
    • Ensure that you don’t pack items that are too heavy in a single box as some storage facilities have a limitation in place on the maximum weight each box should hold. So, maybe after packing, you may want to weigh the boxes.
    • When packing stuff like PCs and TVs, it is better that you put them in their original boxes before putting them in the moving boxes. If you don’t have the original boxes, you can still pack them in the moving boxes but you will need to give these items some kind of protection before putting them in the boxes.
    • For the critical documents such as the passport, accommodation documents, and academic certificates should be put in one box, and don’t forget to label it. It is also advisable to pack stuff like your devices, adaptors, and memory sticks in a single box and label it too.

    Most students normally do the packing themselves, but if you don’t have the time hire man and van services to help you with both packing and moving them to the storage facility.  

    Finding the best student storage deal – so, here is the thing, there are so many diabolical storage companies out there that don’t care whether you are a student – don’t have any real source of income – or not, and will charge you a fortune for what is essentially an empty or small space. So, you need to do your research well when looking for a storage facility. Shop around for student discounts and bargains. Also, as the safety of your belongings is obviously a priority, you need to be assured that your stuff will be safe no matter what, by the company, you plan on hiring. Basically, go for the deal that is most favourable to you and your situation.  

    These tips are meant to make the whole moving process, from the students’ dorm to the storage facility, easier and we hope they did. Follow them and you will have a much easier process. In the meantime, good luck! 

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