Moving Boxes

    moving boxes

    It may surprise you to discover that moving boxes are manufactured in a number of sizes, and that they make up a large industry. Moving boxes can vary considerably in quality and are gradually weakened with reuse. Therefore it is advisable to do your research when acquiring boxes, and it also pays to choose a slightly more expensive option to ensure you obtain a good quality product.

    Moving boxes come in five set sizes. These are small, medium, large, extra large and wardrobe size. If you are changing houses you will probably have to use a selection of these boxes, as every set is designed to transport object of a particular size and weight. For example you can use big boxes for electrical appliances, including large kitchen appliance, while wardrobe sized boxes are suitable for transporting large items of clothing. Although you may come to the conclusion that the most simple solution is to obtain some extra large and wardrobe-sized boxes which can be filled with your possessions, this is usually not a good idea. Even a medium sized box can be very heavy, if filled neatly with a number of books. Now imagine attempting to carry a wardrobe-sized box, packed thoroughly with books. This explains the need for boxes of smaller dimensions.

    When you are undertaking a move, it is essential that you make use of boxes that are appropriate for storing and transporting heavy items. The last thing that you want is for your boxes to tear or burst, and spill your personal belongings all over the street. It cannot be overstated that you moving boxes must be very tough and sturdy.

    Solidly made moving boxes are assembled to support pressure of this type and it is therefore recommended that you make use of them. As you are choosing your moving boxes, you should be able to find out what weight they can hold. If they have not been tested to a weight of 200 lbs or more, then they are too weak to carry your possessions. The test weight should be clearly visible on the bottom of every box.

    Regardless of your choice of professional movers or not, you can still contact a moving company in order to purchase some moving boxes. Typically boxes purchased from these businesses will be perfect for your needs, but you should expect to pay a little extra. A further option is to acquire your moving boxes on the web. It is recommended that you obtain your boxes from a reputable company that specialises in these products. Firms of this kind can usually sell their boxes at discount prices, because they buying in bulk.

    Finally a second option is to obtain used moving boxes. As long as the boxes are useable this should not be a problem. Wear and tear slowly damages the boxes, but that is an issue that will become apparent only after considerable reuse.

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