How to Use Cardboard Boxes for Removals Overseas

    One of the most vital things to do for moving overseas is packing. The condition of your belongings when they arrive at the destination depends largely on how you pack them. If improperly packed, your belongings may get damaged or worse, even destroyed. 

    Here are useful guidelines on packing your fragile belongings in cartons so they will survive the trip to your new address. 

    1. Delicate items such as china, mementos, figurines, and the like should be placed inside separate boxes — preferably one for each item. There should be at least a quarter or half of an inch between the box sides and the content. Fill that space with cushioning material such as foam peanuts or crumpled newspaper. Alternatively, you can wrap each item in bubble wrap.

    2. Ensure that you seal the lids of the boxes with strong duct tape. It would also be best if you seal the corners of the boxes also. This way, the lids won’t open accidentally when the boxes are lifted. 

    3. Place the smaller boxes inside bigger boxes. The bigger boxes act as double protectors for the contents. Seal the big boxes as you did with the smaller ones. Write on the boxes the word “Fragile” and indicate which side is up. By labelling boxes, movers will know that the contents are delicate and will transport the boxes with care.

    4. Ensure that the correct address is printed on the box. You wouldn’t want your items to sent to the wrong place, would you?

    5. When lifting sealed boxes, lift them from the bottom. Your hand will act as support, preventing the accidental opening of the bottom lid. For heavy, big, or long cartons, ask for help in lifting the box.

    6. Utilise a trolley to carry a heavier carton. A trolley offers more support than mere hands.

    7. While in transit, water may penetrate the cardboard boxes, especially if they are to be transported by ship. To waterproof cartons, wrap transparent plastic sheet around them. The sheet helps keep the water out of the cartons.

    8. Ask the shipping company to fumigate the vehicle shipping container to keep away insects from burrowing through the cardboard. 

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