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How to Unpack Your Belongings after Moving House

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    Moving house is a segmented process – packing, the actual moving, and unpacking. Some people find packing less appealing than unpacking while others like the packing part better. But, generally speaking, if the packing was systematically well done, then the unpacking will be a breeze – more or less. It’s like walking back home from the woods you just beat a path in.

    When it comes to unpacking after moving house, just as with anything else, you are better off going with an organised approach. Attacking the boxes randomly will give you, well, random results, plus a sure headache.

    So how exactly do you unpack your furniture without feeling like a bicycle mechanic trying to assemble a jet engine?

    Clean Up

    If the last occupants of your new house left it dirty, presumably to upset you, your first task will be to clean the entire house up before spreading your precious belongings. You have to start with the essential areas, of course, and parts like the basement and garage can wait. While it might seem tempting to set everything up then clean afterwards, this will only create hard to reach places and complicate everything more at the end of the day.

    Have Your Inventory List Ready

    Having dusted, and mopped the place up, you can now start opening up your boxes. For this task you need to know which box contains what exactly and unless you have an enhanced freaky memory, of which you don’t, you might want to pull out the inventory list. Apart from telling you were what item is, the inventory list also shows you what items are missing if any. It’s the little details like this that make the difference between hassle-free unpacking, and cleaning up after an earthquake.

    Unpack the Bathroom

    The rule at work here is that you should sort out the rooms you will soon need to use first, and the bathroom happens to be among the top priority spaces. Besides, they are small areas and so the work isn’t much. Pull out the hand and body lotions, toilet paper, and bathing soap, and hung the shower curtains.

    Unpack the Kitchen

    Whether large or small, the kitchen is one room with lots of detail items here and there. Most of the things won’t be needed right away, though, and it would be a smart idea to leave boxes of non-essential kitchen equipment untouched until all that’s necessary is in place.
    Pull out your pots and pans and plates first and wire up the toaster and cooker and other necessary equipment.

    Get Your Bedroom Prepared

    After your kitchen has been given some decency, it’s time to think about the next basic need – sleep. Once again, you are not trying to make everything glorious just yet. You just want to create a barely habitable home in the meantime.

    Assemble the bed frames and make the beds. If this appears to be too much work, you might consider just laying the mattresses on the floor for now.

    The Grand Unpacking

    Having put in place all your essentials, you now have to unpack everything. The best approach is to tackle one room at a time until it’s done before moving on to the next.

    For each room, sit down and draw up your desired furniture layout. A simple drawing is definitely a quicker approach than experimenting by moving heavy furniture around.

    Unpack, assemble, and arrange the bigger furniture first, then get to the smaller ones. Doing so makes everything flow smoother and reduces confusion.

    Take Your Time

    So long your house has been turned into a basic home of some sort, you can take your time with unpacking the rest of your items.

    Clutter is your stress inducing enemy here and one way it will creep up on you is through all the used packing material like boxes and wrapper. Keep all the used packing materials organised to avoid clutter as you set up your furniture.

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