6 Crucial Things to Check before Moving into A New House

    Moving into a new home is exciting, fun, exhausting, and overwhelming at the same time. There are many things to consider prior to moving to make sure your new place is safe, clean, and warm which your family will adore.

    To make things easier and ensuring your new house is ready for your arrival, here is a checklist of the crucial things you need to check before moving.

    Change Locks.

    You never know how many strangers have keys to your home unless you get new locks. The previous owner might have given duplicate keys to neighbours, relatives, friends, or cleaning services so it is very important to change locks for your security and peace of mind. You can either install new deadlocks yourself to save money or call a locksmith to do the job.

    Check for Plumbing Leaks.

    Inspect the faucets, pipes, running toilet, and water heater for any dripping or leakage. It is helpful to see and fix these issues before you transfer because it can cause an inconvenience to the household. Sometimes the leakage is on hidden pipes so it is worthwhile to monitor the water meter gauge for two hours in which no water is being used. If the reading stays the same, then there is no leak.

    Check Electrical lines.

    Plan where to place your appliances to ensure that you have enough outlets for each of them. Electrical upgrades can be done anytime but it is easier to do in an empty house so that the electricians have easy access to the outlets and electrical lines.

    Disinfect cabinets.

    Aside from dusting, it is crucial to disinfect the cabinets especially if the house has been vacant for quite some time. Pests like to hide in dark places and spreads bacteria quickly. Disinfecting cabinets before you move-in ensures cleanliness and save you from any bacterial infection.

    Replace or clean the carpets.

    If you are planning to replace the carpets it is best to do it before moving-in rather than later. Replacing carpets is a major project which requires transferring furniture and appliances from one place to another when you decide to do it after you have settled in. This can be hassle and will cost you time and more money for the labor. If you are satisfied with the current carpets then steam clean them to ensure your house is fresh and clean when you move-in.

    Invest in pest control

    Rats, termites, roaches, ants, and many more might just be hiding around the corners. Get rid of them before they become a problem. There are many pests control spray you can buy in the market or you can hire a pest removal services that are experts on this field.

    Moving into a new home marks a new beginning of your life. It can be exhausting as there is so much to do in one day. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Plan ahead, break the steps into simple tasks to make the process easier. Consider the tips shared above as these can save yourself from headaches later.

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